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Evaluating the Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment program (REA)

Abt Associates is conducting a random assignment evaluation of the Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment program (REA) for the Department of Labor’s (DOL) Chief Evaluation Office. The REA program provides funds for states to better link the unemployed with the overall workforce system by bringing individuals receiving unemployment insurance benefits into American Job Centers for personalized assessments and referrals to reemployment services.
This study will estimate whether REA works, as well as which components of REA have the greatest impacts and for whom. Specifically, our evaluation will provide DOL with information about how specific aspects of REA programs contribute to the overall impact of REA – such as initial notice and the eligibility review as opposed to assistance provided during the REA meeting and subsequent reemployment services. The study also will examine how these impacts vary with individual characteristics, especially the likelihood of exhausting unemployment insurance.
Abt is implementing a multi-arm random assignment evaluation. Comparisons of outcomes across these treatment conditions will provide rigorous evidence on the incremental effect of enriching the REA service package.
Abt has recruited four states in which the study will be implemented, and has worked closely with those states to train program staff and modify systems to accommodate and monitor random assignment. This study will rely on administrative data to measure REA services received, receipt of unemployment insurance, and employment and earnings.

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North America