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Corporate Stewardship


Ensuring an inclusive and empowering work environment for our employees. Minimizing our environmental impact. Building strong partnerships with the communities in which we work and serve. At Abt, “mission driven” doesn’t just describe our work; it reflects the way we operate and how we engage with our colleagues and the world.

“Abt works in Papua New Guinea, and it is terrific to be able to give back by building classrooms. I firmly believe all children should have the opportunity to learn and potentially create generational improvements in their communities.”
Geoff Scahill
Brisbane, Australia


“With the Walk to End HIV, every step takes us closer to the end of HIV as we know it. I’m proud to be part of a socially responsible company like Abt and of my role here.”
Gregg Buchholz
Rockville, MD

“Abt is committed to its neighboring communities. I primarily work on health policy projects, and Power Lunch provides an opportunity to make a more immediate impact. Both my student and I look forward to our weekly sessions.” 
Claire Hoffman

Cambridge, MA    

Abt staff volunteering to build classrooms in Papua New Guinea.
Abt staff volunteering to build classrooms in Papua New Guinea.
Abt team members at Walk to End HIV 2016 in Washington, D.C.
Abt team members at Walk to End HIV 2016 in Washington, D.C.
The Power Lunch Program for elementary school students in Cambridge, MA pairs a student with a partner for reading.
Abt team members reading to Cambridge, MA elementary school students as part of the Power Lunch Program.

Corporate Stewardship quote #1

Our local engagement is driven by employee interests that advance our mission.
Kathleen Flanagan
President & Chief Executive Officer
Kathleen Flanagan


Environmental sustainability is not an afterthought at Abt. We’ve looked at everything that contributes to our environmental footprint—procurement, business travel, commuting, waste and our offices. Our two largest facilities are built to LEED specifications, minimizing energy use and maximizing recycled content materials. In 2015 we committed to decarbonize by 2050, targeting a 25-percent reduction in emissions by 2021. We exceeded that goal--four years ahead of schedule. Learn more about  Abt’s comprehensive Sustainability Policy.

Abt veggie garden
Abt veggie garden

The Climate Registry


Massachusetts Eco Awards


Alliance for Workplace Excellence


The Alliance for Workplace Excellence in 2016 selected Abt to receive the organization’s EcoLeadership Award.

EcoLeadership Award