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Data without context are just numbers. Context without data lacks rigor. Combine data and context, and you get insight—which is what we need to take calculated risks, connect dots and ultimately solve the world’s toughest challenges.


Sometimes, the Story is in the Subgroups

Laura Peck
Laura Peck, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Social & Economic Policy

College for All? Then Create Better Pathways for Low-Inc …

This month, more than three million college students across the nation will heave a sigh of relief …

What a New Study Tells Us about Homebuyer Education and …

For generations, homeownership has been a gateway to the middle class and a cornerstone of the …

Are the “Principles of Digital Development” Agile?

Recently, Abt Associates endorsed the "Principles of Digital Development." These nine principles …

The Private Housing Market: Friend or Foe?

Jeffrey Lubell
Jeffrey Lubell, J.D.
Principal Associate and Director of Housing and Community Initiatives, Social & Economic Policy

Beyond Just a “Phase:” Acknowledging the Role of Diversi …

In a piece for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's New Connections blog, Abt's Tara Earl reflects …

In Renewable Energy, Latin America and the Caribbean Sho …

abt logo
Abt Associates
Bold Thinkers Driving Real-World Impact

Closing the Energy Access Gap in Sub-Saharan Africa

Approximately 1.2 billion people live outside of electrical grids. Of those people, 621 million are …

Expenses - the Neglected Half of the Household Budget Eq …

To get a full picture of the economic challenges facing Americans of different incomes, we need to …

Inclusion Matters for All Students

brian freeman
Brian Freeman
Senior Analyst, Education
White Paper

Obstacles to and Limitations of Social Experiments: 15 False Alarms

When deciding how to allocate limited taxpayer or donor funds for social programs, policymakers and …