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Kyrgystan country quote

There were days when I was so weak that I could not make the trip to the clinic for my treatment. Having a nurse to visit me at home with the medicine was critical to avoid interrupting my treatment.
- Nina
A patient benefiting from Abt’s work in Kyrgyzstan

Expanding Our Impact

Kyrgyzstan has faced both infectious disease epidemics and the continuous effects of climate change. The country held one of the highest tuberculosis rates in Central Asia in 2014. Abt’s work in Kyrgyzstan supported government action, local non-governmental organizations and community groups in their battles against infectious diseases. Our projects help strengthen health care systems and train health workers at the local level. We worked to put an end to heroin traffic routes in Kyrgyzstan prisons to prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS. We addressed key climate change vulnerabilities in the country, providing landscape management, greenhouse gas emission data and self-governance strategies. Working within the C5+1 Central Asian partnership, Abt helps C5 countries, including Kyrgyzstan, create a collaborative foundation for addressing conflict and combating climate change through diplomacy.

Total greenhouse gas emissions in 2013 in metric tons (2017)
15.5 million