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Evaluating the Power of Pull Mechanisms to Improve Global Food Security


  • AgResults tests new ways to promote food security and nutrition.
  • Abt is serving as the project’s external impact evaluator.
  • We are designing studies tailored to understand seven pilots.
The Challenge

The large DFID-funded project, AgResults has been experimenting with “pull mechanisms” to improve farmers’ productivity and income. Rather than specify the practices to use, pull mechanisms reward achievement of results without preference for strategies and technologies. In doing so, pull mechanisms provide the private sector incentives to overcome market imperfections. An important aspect of this multilateral project is to generate lessons learned that could stop hunger worldwide.

The Approach

Abt is the AgResults external impact evaluator to support the learning agenda. Abt uses rigorous quantitative and qualitative methods to assess the effectiveness of pilot pull mechanisms in India, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Vietnam, and Zambia, and on brucellosis vaccine development. Each pilot requires a different evaluation design within a common theoretical framework. The process involves four steps:

  1. Develop an evaluation framework
  2. Develop pilot-specific design protocol
  3. Collect and analyze data
  4. Synthesize findings and lessons learned
The Results

The evaluations are in process and will be widely shared, in keeping with the goal to pass on lessons learned.