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Data without context are just numbers. Context without data lacks rigor. Combine data and context, and you get insight—which is what we need to take calculated risks, connect dots and ultimately solve the world’s toughest challenges.


Expenses - the Neglected Half of the Household Budget Eq …

To get a full picture of the economic challenges facing Americans of different incomes, we need to …

Black Boxes, the Counterfactual, and Bringing Order to R …

Abt evaluation experts are engaged in discussions to advance the leading edge of evaluation methods. …

Inclusion Matters for All Students

Brian Freeman
Senior Analyst, Education
brian freeman

How to Help More Americans Get Jobs and Earn More: The W …

Abt Associates
Bold Thinkers Driving Real-World Impact
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The West African Apparel Advantage

This week, West African clothing makers are in Las Vegas for the world's largest apparel trade show …

When Is Randomization Right for Evaluation?

Laura Peck, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist, Social & Economic Policy
Laura Peck

The Future Of Medicaid: When Improving Upon The Wheel, S …

Katharine Witgert
Principal Associate, Division of Health and Environment
katherine witgert

Want to Have an Impact on Housing Policy? Go Local!

Jeffrey Lubell, J.D.
Principal Associate and Director of Housing and Community Initiatives, Social & Economic Policy
Jeffrey Lubell

Do Vouchers Lead to Greater Learning? Depends Where (and …

Austin Nichols, Ph.D.
Principal Associate, Social & Economic Policy
Austin Nichols

What Does Homelessness in the U.S. Really Look Like?

Can we believe our perceptions of homelessness based on what we see on the streets? A decade of …

Regional Trade Stabilizes West Africa's Food Supply. How …

Staple commodity trade across West Africa is the golden key to food security and economic security …

What We've Learned So Far About Expanding Pre-K

Abt Associates' ongoing evaluation of Massachusetts' federal Preschool Expansion Grant offers timely …